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Walk the Talk

Published in People

When we have hands on real life experience about how certain things work, we can go to great lengths to demonstrate what we know so that others can learn and take correct decisions. But it needs fearless fortitude to uphold what you believe in - when it means putting your career and sometimes your own life at risk.


The Magic of Simple Ideas

Published in Pearls of Wisdom

The human mind, it is said is a bundle of ideas. Everyday ideas, big and small come and hit us. We put them through different filters. What we do with them decides what we become in life.

We consider some as too big for us.
We consider some as too small us.
Some we think are not workable.
Some we do not attempt because others have failed at them.
We think some will only work for us if ......
We think some will not work for us because ........ So on and so fourth.

The Constipated Paddle Feeders

Published in On the Job

Top management introduces systems and practices that define all successful organizations. Equally important is a healthy work culture they inculcate that drives staff at all levels to seeking solutions. This “tech story” is of a group of engineers and workmen that restored the design capacity of the Coal Handling Plant of National Thermal Power Corporation’s Korba Super Thermal Power Project (KSTPP) in the mid-1980s.


The Fire that snatched away my Mughlai Chicken….Nearly!

Published in On the Job

It was the fall of 2002. I was at Talcher-Kaniha, Orissa and was working as a Control & Instrumentation (C&I) engineer at the 6X500 MW coal based super thermal power plant of NTPC. The day ahead was either a Sunday or some holiday. I clearly remember the quiet time that I had planned that evening and the day following with my family. Aroma of Mughlai chicken filled the house while I was busy playing with my three-year-old daughter. It was about half-past seven in the evening.


All Well that Ends Well

Published in On the Job

Engineering Design usually has a very definitive approach and one has to work through a given input conditions for an intended output utilising calculated/predicted performance/behaviour of individual equipment and systems. But commissioning is always a challenging and thrilling task as we try to match the behaviour of actual equipment and systems at the site with predicted design values under different environmental conditions as well as uncertainties in the process of equipment manufacture.


No place for another relay

Published in On the Job

Here are four relays and an ice cube.

Different Relays and Ice CubeThe four relays shown above are called ice cube relays because they look like ice cubes. But what does a relay actually “relay” and why is it so called?

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