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The Magic of Simple Ideas

Published in Pearls of Wisdom

The human mind, it is said is a bundle of ideas. Everyday ideas, big and small come and hit us. We put them through different filters. What we do with them decides what we become in life.

We consider some as too big for us.
We consider some as too small us.
Some we think are not workable.
Some we do not attempt because others have failed at them.
We think some will only work for us if ......
We think some will not work for us because ........ So on and so fourth.

The Sinking Tanks

Published in On the Job

There is a well-known saying “One accurate measurement is worth a thousand expert opinions”. And nowhere else it is more appropriate than at project sites, where every day, new problems surface and most problems are in the realm of physical interference, hard mismatch, slow movement or settlement.


No place for another relay

Published in On the Job

Here are four relays and an ice cube.

Different Relays and Ice CubeThe four relays shown above are called ice cube relays because they look like ice cubes. But what does a relay actually “relay” and why is it so called?

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