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Atanu Samanta

Atanu Samanta

Electrical Engineering Grad, 1985, Regional Institute of Technology (now NIT), Jamshedpur. Total experience of 30 Years in Execution experience of Mega Projects (Power, Oil & Gas, Airport, Paper), contracts, work processes, audit & quality requirements, documentation processes and various project control tools for schedule & resource monitoring. 10 years at DCPL, 12 Years at Bechtel.
Hands on experience of concept-to-commissioning of Power Projects in India and abroad. Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification. Member of SPOC (single point of contact) committee of Bechtel Global offices for Cathodic Protection of Pipe lines. TQMI certificate for ISO certification.

Proficient in use of the EPC softwares
ETAP, CDEGS (Multi-ground), Captor, Microstation, SPR, Navisworks, IMMS, Cable Management system (Block draw & Setroute, Intelagen & CMS), Document Management System (Infoworks, PDIS, Proweb).

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Codes & Standards

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At a project site in US, there was a container-office in the maintenance bay used as a conference room for odd meetings. What was written on the entrance of this container was interesting. On a A4 size computer printout, the following was written.

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John, You are Wrong !

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It is said if you are passionate about something you will not be afraid to fight for it. You will take risk to demonstrate your passion for it. 

In fact, if you want to test yourself whether you are really passionate about something, ask yourself if ever you have stood for it against all odds. If the answer is an emphatic yes, that is your passion - protect, preserve and nurture it. If the answer no, then that is not your calling.

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