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Drafting your Story

Drafting your Story

Why write your Story

We believe that the world of science and technology, has long been dry and drab without the stories that actually educates and Inspires - more than theories and equations. There are wonderful stories with magical insights, in the hearts and minds of everyday experts like you. But we as a community of technical experts, have not done a good job of using the internet and capturing these simple and insightful, stories for the rest of the world. That is why “Technology” has long remained a "misunderstood" word in the Internet era. Dictionary meaning of technology relates to application of scientific knowledge in industry - the branch of knowledge dealing with applied science, but internet search results tilt heavily towards “Information Technology” - computer science, software programming, internet, etc. Information about machinery, equipment and everyday application of scientific knowledge has taken back seat.

How to Write your Story

Each one of us has a story, but penning down a good read is not everyone's cup of tea. We've tried to list a few pointers that shall help you write your story better. Remember though, there are no rules !

What you need

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