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Lessons for Life

Lessons for Life (2)

Many times lessons learnt from small things and simple events are profound and  act as a beacon for the rest of our life. Many times it may be about how something must not be done as against smartness of ready wit that can make the most drama in life. You learnt the trick for many years and one day a small incidence turned your opinion upside down. Why? That will make a wonderful narrative. Such stories are contagious. Readers will be compelled and encouraged to respond, comment and may even write.

Measuring up to a recruitment drive


This story is from my experience while I was working at the Auriya Gas Power Project (AuGPP) of NTPC. I remember this story vividly; like it happened yesterday.

When this incident took place I was posted in the HR (erstwhile known as P&A) department and was looking after Administration. During those early formative years, the project was my learning ground. Being at the initial stage i.e construction, the project was a hub of activities. I was simultaneously involved in many complex and hectic activities, dealing with administration, security related issues, liaising with State Government Authorities and interaction with local people, etc.


The Case of 2 IT Pros


The weekend drew near. 6 pm to be precise, on a fine Friday evening, with a light gentle rain splattering on my window at the AT&T Office in Tech Mahindra. Possibly about 20 degrees centigrade if I guessed right. Perfectly fine , I thought to myself . “Ideal weather to stop work “, my inner voice told me. “Absolutely” ! , I told my inner voice, heartily agreeing to these brilliant suggestions.

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