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Kabooters on the cantilever

Published in Pearls of Wisdom

I have an old friend who is a civil engineer with a brilliant sense of humor. He told me this story about how an excellent example can cut across cultural, bureaucratic, hierarchical and personal barriers to convince something to someone. First I will try to give you a little feel of the background of how large projects get built, so that you can understand the simple but powerful essence of the story.


The "Great Man Made River" Project : A tale of yore

Published in On the Job

Many Projects create records. Some create history. But there are some that become history itself.

One of the biggest civilian development projects on the face of the earth - the Great Man-Made River or GMMR as it is known, was one such project. In 1990, it was history in making. You may be wondering that this story is about a crude oil pumping station or a refinery. No, it is the sweet water dream project known as the “Great Man Made River Project”. Normal water is in abundance in a country like ours, but the same water is a precious commodity (called sweet water) in the North African Sahara. Every drop of sweet water is extracted from saline sea water. And in those parts of the world, you possibly pay more for a litre of water than a litre of gasoline.

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