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Anil Terway

Anil Terway

Anil Terway provides policy advice in the energy sector and assists sustainable development. He has extensive international experience, mostly formulating policies and identifying large energy sector projects in developing countries, including China, Indonesia, the Philippines and several Central Asia countries. He retired as a senior staff of the Asian Development Bank, Manila (1996 - 2012). He also worked in National Thermal Power Corporation, India (1977 - 1995), at Badarpur and Korba power plants and the Corporate Planning Department. Together with the in-depth knowledge of the power sector, Anil’s strength is the network of development specialists, government officials in developing countries and senior managers of utilities.

International Energy Consultant

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Healthy Work Culture and Seeking Solutions - Restoring Paddle Feeder Capacity Featured

The Constipated Paddle Feeders

Published in On the Job

Top management introduces systems and practices that define all successful organizations. Equally important is a healthy work culture they inculcate that drives staff at all levels to seeking solutions. This “tech story” is of a group of engineers and workmen that restored the design capacity of the Coal Handling Plant of National Thermal Power Corporation’s Korba Super Thermal Power Project (KSTPP) in the mid-1980s.

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