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Jitu Mahapatra

Jitu Mahapatra

I am a 1981 electrical engineering graduate from REC (Now NIT) Rourkela. Worked at NTPC project sites for 19 years. Those were the fun filled learning years. My NTPC years were like an extension of my hobby. Jumped out of the comfort of NTPC project life and joined Bechtel to test my own abilities as a commissioning engineer. Went round the world, worked with people of different countries, traveled around and became a photographer, learned to survive on my own strengths under hostile and challenging conditions. Worked for some time in engineering which gave me 360 degree perspective of the EPC process. In 2012, I came back to an Indian company and led it through engineering, commissioning and now operation. I read, I have started writing and I keep narrating things that I learned the tough way, so that younger folks may find it interesting. I stay at Gurgaon and plan to devote the rest of my career on some startup activities.


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No place for another relay

Published in On the Job

Here are four relays and an ice cube.

Different Relays and Ice CubeThe four relays shown above are called ice cube relays because they look like ice cubes. But what does a relay actually “relay” and why is it so called?

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