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Jitu Mahapatra

Jitu Mahapatra

I am a 1981 electrical engineering graduate from REC (Now NIT) Rourkela. Worked at NTPC project sites for 19 years. Those were the fun filled learning years. My NTPC years were like an extension of my hobby. Jumped out of the comfort of NTPC project life and joined Bechtel to test my own abilities as a commissioning engineer. Went round the world, worked with people of different countries, traveled around and became a photographer, learned to survive on my own strengths under hostile and challenging conditions. Worked for some time in engineering which gave me 360 degree perspective of the EPC process. In 2012, I came back to an Indian company and led it through engineering, commissioning and now operation. I read, I have started writing and I keep narrating things that I learned the tough way, so that younger folks may find it interesting. I stay at Gurgaon and plan to devote the rest of my career on some startup activities.


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The Magic of Simple Ideas

Published in Pearls of Wisdom

The human mind, it is said is a bundle of ideas. Everyday ideas, big and small come and hit us. We put them through different filters. What we do with them decides what we become in life.

We consider some as too big for us.
We consider some as too small us.
Some we think are not workable.
Some we do not attempt because others have failed at them.
We think some will only work for us if ......
We think some will not work for us because ........ So on and so fourth.
Gurujam: An Engineer's perspective of what went wrong with Gurugram Featured

Gurujam: An Engineer's perspective of what went wrong with Gurugram

Published in Experiences

Through the sixth-floor office windows, I was looking at the heavy dark clouds and the rain pouring out of them. I knew from my previous experiences, the traffic in Gurgaon gets bad after evening showers. I started early for home, a distance of about 6.5 km. I drove about 4 km and near Signature Tower found myself driving into the road leading to the Huda City Center metro station with at least a foot of running water under my car. About a 100 meters further, I stopped in the middle of standstill traffic. In next two hours, I moved about 300 meters. It took another 30 minutes to negotiate a right turn and join absolute chaos and mayhem, now best known as - the "Gurujam"


Who is the Boss here ?

Published in Pearls of Wisdom

Today is Teachers day. Here are some memories of a great teacher.
Some of the most wonderful gifts that God sends our way are the people we come across in our working career. And if such a person happened to be your boss, the experience is memorable and life changing. When I met him, it was as if I stumbled upon the best teacher life could offer after twenty-one years of working life. 

Move over Airtel / Jio - Here's what you need to know ! Featured

Move over Airtel / Jio - Here's what you need to know !

Published in Current Trending

Yesterday's papers and social media feeds were flooded with news about Airtel's retaliation to Reliance Jio's ambitious initiative with special packs being launched and aggressive pricing of their 4G data plans. For a moment, let’s stay away from terms like 2G, 3G, 4G, Jio, VoLTE and ask a simple question; Will all this hype and free bytes improve the service quality when some fundamental issues on the ground remain unsolved? My simple answer is - NO.

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