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Write your Story

How to Write your Story

Each one of us has a story, but penning down a good read is not everyone's cup of tea. We've tried to list a few pointers that shall help you write your story better. Remember though, there are no rules !

Get Real Pick up an incident from your career. An year, month, season, time, country or city will help.

Identify Why After you pick it up, realize that you have a deep emotional connect with that incident – that's precisely why you still remember this out of so many others that you may have had.

What did you learn? Was there any learning ? Generally there would be. Critically analyze and identify what touched you – your emotional anchor.

Dig Deep Analyze the finer thread – what started it? who, when, why – any one of this could be related your field of expertise.

Simple Words Staying within your domain of expertise, describe the problem in the simplest possible language, the solution that you offered and lessons learnt, if any.

Re-create the drama If you remember the words that were exchanged, the story gets stronger. Make up the words from the context. The reader must feel that you are narrating a story.

Just Narrate Remember, you are not prescribing anything – you are only telling a story, what you felt about it, what you learnt from it & what it meant to you.

Feelings Matter A story is not just a sequence of events told in a certain chronology. It would not make an interesting narrative unless you write about what was going on in the minds of the people involved.

Keep to the context It is not necessary to follow a pattern. But it is useful to build the context before you start you narrative – this establishes the foundation on which to build the story.